Student Center Dedication Is Wednesday

Nikayla Kussatz and RJay McCoy, Flame Staff Members

Everyone is invited to an open house Wednesday, January 23, for the new Allen Community College Student Center.

The ceremony at 3 p.m. will feature a ribbon-cutting celebration and Dedication of the Spencer Ambler Board Room. Ambler will have served on the Allen Board of Trustees for 33 years when he retires in January of 2020.

As a part of the Allen Student Center open house, live performances from the music department and refreshments will be provided. Students, as well as the general public and all Allen faculty, staff and administrators, are encouraged to take part.


FROM LAST SPRING to Jan. 13, 2019, students walked from the main building to the cafeteria to be able to eat. During this time, the brand new Student Center was being built.

The Student Center has a ping pong table, billiards, air hockey, and multiple video games open to students. There are also multiple rooms for studying.

Many students have enjoyed the student center so far and have had a good time with all of the new activities available.

“I really like the ping pong table and all the tournaments that everyone does,” freshman Noah Stuckey said.

Before the new student center was built, most students would socialize in the fishpond, located in the main building in the middle of classrooms.

“I’m glad that there’s finally a good place to socialize and relax on campus,” sophomore Imani Lemon said.

Some students are appreciative of all the new activities, but some are just glad that they do not have to walk outside anymore.

“I really like the ping pong table, the study rooms, and how we don’t have to walk through the cold to go eat after class,” said freshman Lexy Turntine.

In addition to all of the classic games to play, there are also two PlayStation 4’s and two Xboxes with multiple video games.

“All the activities and the variety of the new things to do are all really fun,” said sophomore Austin Cuevas.

Throughout most of the day, different students are in and out of the game room with their friends.

“I like the game room because I can meet up with my friends before and after class,” sophomore Alecia Verge said.

There are also four study rooms for students to do their homework in a quiet environment.

“I like how there’s now another option for students to go and hang out with friends as well as more quiet areas to study,” freshman Bailey Cagle said.

The new Student Center is a welcome addition to Allen Community College’s Iola campus. Everyone is invited to come check out the new social hub, fun activities, and the new Spencer Ambler Board Room this Wednesday.