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Ariana Grande at the 2020 Grammys
Students Showcase Raw Talent In The Pavilion
Alejandra Ortega - Left /
Claudia Zahhui - Right
Civics Engagement Focus Group Engages Students at Allen
Civics Engagement Focus Group Engages Students at Allen
Alyssa Winsler, Student Reporter • April 24, 2024

On April 9, 2024, Allen Community College welcomed a guest speaker from the Kansas Apple Seed. The speaker from Kansas Appleseed led a focus...

TikTok Ban? Whats That About?
TikTok Ban? What's That About?
Madison Swink, Student Reporter • May 2, 2024

Is one of your favorite apps getting banned within the next six months? Lawmakers have approved a bill that could possibly only give the owner...

From left to right: Nautianna Goforth, sophomore, Tiago Cortes, sophomore, Mariah Stackhouse, sophomore, Emily Ator, sophomore, Kylie Price, freshman, Austin Morris, sophomore and Trevor Pratt, freshman.
Allen's Improv Club
Lea Parker, Student Reporter • May 2, 2024

Do you enjoy being in the moment and having to think on the spot? If yes, then the Improv Club just might be for you. The Improv Club is just...

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The Allen Cheer team poses with the Lil Devs
Allen's Cheer Team: Competition Isn't Easy
Alyssa Winsler, Student Reporter • May 8, 2024

Many people think that Cheer is not a sport, but that is not true. Cheer is not only a sport, but it is also a challenge of your strength and...

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Some local Iola residents participate in Donkey Basketball.
Why the World Needs Donkey Basketball
Alyssa Winsler, Student Reporter • February 6, 2024

Now, I know what you may be thinking, “what in the world are you talking about Donkey Basketball?” That sounds like something some weird country folk made up, but in reality,...

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Left: Nikes 2024 Olympic outfit.  Right: Nikes proposed 2028 Olympic outfit.
After Backlash, Nike Showcases Their Future Olympic Innovations
Alyssa Winsler, Student Reporter • May 3, 2024

(Warning: This is a work of student satire and is meant for entertainment purposes only.) Everyone knows that track athletes require tight...

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