A Privileged Life: What Americans Take for Granted

Andres Espinel, Student Reporter

(Warning: This is a work of student satire and is meant for entertainment purposes only.)

Americans live in a country that is often considered the land of opportunity, where people can achieve their dreams if they work hard enough. However, with this abundance of opportunity and resources, many Americans have become blind to the luxuries they possess and take for granted on a daily basis. For instance, being an international student, coming from a country that doesn’t have the same opportunities, I am amazed at seeing how some Americans don’t give value or don’t see how lucky they are by having basic things, such as having a social security number.

First, Americans have access to a wide variety of food, often taken for granted. With restaurants on every corner, grocery stores stocked with a variety of options, and the ability to order food online and have it delivered to their doorstep, Americans have become accustomed to having food at their disposal whenever they want it. However, this luxury is not enjoyed by many people around the world who struggle to find enough food to eat. Although in South American countries there are different types of dishes and foods, yet people’s ability to get that food is not the same as in North America.

Second, the United States is characterized by the number of job opportunities it has. Still, some people prefer to get a job that only covers basic expenses instead of studying and getting a better job. Education is highly valued in American society but is often taken for granted. Americans have access to free public education and the option to attend college if they choose. However, American society is not conscious of the level of education available to them and how they have easy access to it. American society seems to be unaware that many people around the world do not have access to education, or that the public education is not good enough to help them improve their situation in life.

Third, the world has made technological breakthroughs more frequently and rapidly than ever before. The American people are the first to experience and use these types of advances, making Americans constantly surrounded by technology, from smartphones to laptops to smart home devices. However, this constant access to technology has made people forget what life was like before it existed. It is easy to forget that not everyone has access to these devices and that many people around the world struggle to afford even the basic necessities like electricity and clean water.

Living in the United States has given me the opportunity to see how technology has made American society has “progressed”. American’s “Facetime” call the roomie in the next room or apartment. Additionally, acquiring a car is much easier in the US. Most of the American population get into a their cars just to move from one building to another or to go from the student center to the game field. Those type of things simply do not happen in most of South America, or at least not as much as in the US, because a car is used to cover distances greater than 200 yards. Even owning a car can be considered a privilege that not everyone can afford.

The privileges that Americans take for granted are often not available to people in other parts of the world. While it is important to appreciate and celebrate the opportunities and resources available in America, it is equally important to remember that not everyone has access to these luxuries. As Americans, we should strive to use our privilege to help those who are less fortunate and work towards creating a more equitable society. Society could be more aware of the privileges they have and the ease with which they have access to them, especially since in other countries of the world people work equally hard or more intensely but do not obtain the same amount of compensation.