The Allen Flame

Students Prep For Summer Work-cation

Savvy Fairall, Opinion Editor

May 21, 2015

For many students at Allen, summer vacation means rest and relaxation. For others, it means work. Since kindergarten, children have looked forward to those glorious two-plus months of freedom, but as they get older those two mon...

Relationship Will Continue, Despite Distance Apart

MyKenna Sharp-Hadl, Features Editor

May 21, 2015

Relationships have their struggles. Some suffer from serious bouts of jealousy, while other couples argue incessantly over the smallest things. Sophomore Shelby Maycumber and freshman Tyler Pedersen, who are departing Allen...

Softball Players Fight Through Injuries

MyKenna Sharp-Hadl, Features Editor

May 8, 2015

According to USA Today’s website, every year there are an estimated 1.3 million student athletes that are injured across the nation. At Allen Community College alone, there are 11 sports teams. Based on the statistics, there...

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