Women’s Soccer: Awaiting Teams and Victories


Photos from Allen Red Devils

Alejandra Ortega – Left / Claudia Zahhui – Right

Sarah Navidad, Student Reporter

Allen’s Women’s Soccer will be playing Hesston College on Saturday, October 16th, for a home game, and they have been getting prepared for it all this week. The same goes for away game on Monday, Oct. 18th, against Pratt Community College. Though players have been injured and unable able to play, that has not stopped the Women’s soccer team from beating Highland Community College and Central Community College (6-0) at a home game.

To highlight some of the stellar players on the women’s soccer team, two players were interviewed: Alejandra Ortega and Claudia Zahhui. Their answers were transcribed into a personal bios.

Alejandra Ortega – is from Liberal, Kansas, 18 years old, and committed to Allen during the summer. She plays as a defender and is number 13 on the field. Ortega currently lives 6 hours away from home and is really honored to of made it this far playing soccer for college. She says Iola is a small town but not much different from her own. She has made friends here easily and gets along with teammates and coaches well. She is slowly recovering from an injury and has already made her way back to the field. Her improvement has amazed the coaches! Some advice she would giv any upcoming girls is to keep your composure, be responsible, and always work hard. As she would say, “Don’t wait to do it just do it”.

Claudia Zahhui– is from London, England and has just turned 20 years old! She is a freshman playing as a striker on the team. Claudia has scored over 10 goals throughout the season. Claudia says that when she arrived here, she did not expect America to look like this (Iola). She said it seemed very small and lonely. She now enjoys her time here, has made plenty of friends, and is very well known for her skills and the accomplishments she’s achieved on the woman’s soccer team here at Allen! Her advice for new players is to always be yourself and to come with your best self and attitude. She hopes to see the upcoming freshman succeed and become like family.