Movin’ On Up

Changes Coming for Housing in 2019-20 School Year


Nikayla Kussatz

Students returning to campus housing in the fall should apply now, and take notice of the changes in price and meal plan.

RJay McCoy, Sports Editor

The fall 2019 housing application is now available in the MyAllen portal located on the “Student Life” tab. Students returning to housing for the fall 2019 semester will need to fill out an application, and if they have already paid $100 deposit they do not need to pay again.

Housing for the Red Devil Duplexes are four and five person suites while the Parkford Apartments, Herynk Hall and Masterson Hall are four student suites. Sophomores are given priority for these spots. Make sure to list roommates and what hall is preferred, but do not take too long as spots fill up quickly.

Incoming freshmen should also apply for housing through the “Student Life” tab on their MyAllen Portal,and pay the $100 deposit. Winter Hall is primarily freshmen women, and Horton Hall is primarily freshmen men. Both Winter and Horton Halls are two-person rooms with a shared bathroom.

A CHANGE  will be made in the fall 2019 semester in the meal plan for the Parkford Apartments, Red Devils Duplexes, Herynk Hall and Masterson Hall. Students living in those residence halls will receive 10 meals a week, replacing the five-meal plan that they have currently.

“With the increase in price this adds more meals and more space for the price,” said Ryan Bilderback, director of student life and housing at the college.

The annual cost of housing for the fall 2019 and spring 2020 semesters is below:

Horton Hall: $5,200

Winter Hall: $5,200

Masterson Hall: $5,900

Herynk Hall: $5,900

Parkford Apartments: $5,900

Red Devils Duplexes:$5,900