Living in Herynk is an Upgrade (Mostly)


Nikayla Kussatz

Sophomore Nikayla Kussatz thought living in Henryk Hall would be a a breeze… until she realized she had to cook, drive to class, and climb three flights of stairs multiple times a day.

Nikayla Kussatz, Photo Editor

A typical morning for me consists of rolling my windows down and sticking my head out so I can actually see the road.

— Nikayla Kussatz

The year was 2017, it was my first year of college and my first year living in the dorms. I ate a granola bar every morning and walked a minute and a half to get to class. Later in the day I would make my microwave mac and cheese, do homework, and go to bed.

I would always think about how cool it would be to live across the street at either the duplexes or the apartments because they are bigger and had a kitchen.

I was wrong.

Because of global warming and because I am stupid, I drive to class every morning with a solid chunk of ice covering my windshield. A typical morning for me consists of rolling my windows down and sticking my head out so I can actually see the road, because I do not want to take the time to scrape my windshield.

Nikayla Kussatz
One of the struggles of living across from campus is having to drive in winter weather.

Other than that, living in Herynk is a good time, other than the fact that in order to drink bottled water, I have to walk up three flights of stairs with a case of water over my shoulder.

If anyone thinks that the one flight of stairs to get to the second floor of Winter is hard, the Herynk stairs are the worst possible thing to ever happen to me. I have the worst time climbing these stairs, especially when people see me walking up completely out of breath.

Other than the negatives, living outside of the dorms is much better.

The fire alarms only go off occasionally because no one here knows how to cook (including me). I get to hear a donkey scream multiple times a day (I sometimes hear Chase Hochard try and mimic the donkey. I can never tell which is which), and I get my very own kitchen to make stove top mac and cheese as opposed to microwave mac and cheese.

My roommate and I have a cozy futon and some pretty Christmas lights that we sometimes stare at because we are incapable of doing any type of homework.

Overall, Henryk is much better than Winter and Horton.

— Nikayla Kussatz

One of my personal favorite additions is our almond milk vase to hold our flowers. Due to multiple vases being broken in that apartment, my roommate and I cut up a carton of almond milk to hold some Valentine’s Day roses. It is a very good aesthetic honestly.

Overall, Herynk is much better than Winter and Horton. While living in Winter last year, I only walked into the dorms and smelled burnt popcorn 6 out of 7 days of the week. Now in Henryk, I walk in and do not smell any burnt food (mainly because my roommate and I are incapable of cooking).

Moral of the story is Herynk is a nice place to live, and it would be even better if I was not lazy and would actually cook or scrape my car off in the morning.