Credit to the Cafeteria

Brianna Brady, Student Activities Editor

The typical college student spends more time eating than actually going to class. One who has a meal plan with Great Western Dining will spend as much as three hours daily in the cafeteria, enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner.

That time is pleasant for Allen Community College students because they have an awesome crew in the dining hall serving every meal.

The Allen dining hall in the newly renovated Student Center offers a variety of entrees and side dishes. The salad bar is full of fresh vegetables and fruit, making it easy to get the daily dose of healthful fare, and one can’t forget the fresh-baked desserts and the soft-serve ice cream machine to top a meal off.

Stopping by the “caf” to get food may only take a short time for students, but all the work that goes into feeding the college is a much longer process for those who work there.

I look forward to talking to other students, staff, and community members who come in for meals.

— Sandy Johnson

Sandy Johnson, a sophomore at Allen, has worked in the dining hall for two years.

“Enjoying a job makes it much easier to do,” Johnson explains. “I look forward to talking to other students, staff, and community members who come in for meals.”

She spends her time putting together the salad bar, deli options, and drink bar. Her duties at work also include running the cash register, and sometimes working the serving line. Johnson has learned to balance working while taking classes at Allen.

“My boss Cindy is really good about working around our schedules, which helps a lot,” Johnson said.

Another staff member, sophomore Chaney Besack, spends her days working hard to provide the necessities at each meal. After applying for a few work study positions her freshman year, she got a call offering her a position which she excitingly accepted.

“This has been a great job,” Besack said. “I have met many amazing people because of it.”

She recommends this work study job to anyone who wishes to feel more involved in the school and community.

So, the next time a student find himself or herself in the dining hall, take a moment to appreciate the workers and all they do for the students and the community. After all, no one goes hungry because of these hardworking people.