Allen “Sends Off” Sophomore Class in Style

RJay McCoy, Sports Editor

Just a couple days before the sophomores class walked across the commencement stage, Allen Community College hosted the first ever Sophomore Send-Off  in the Student Center. The event, held on May 1, was planned and executed by Student Senate, the student government organization at Allen, and Director of Student Life and Housing Ryan Bilderback.

Student Senate President Lindsey Temaat (left) flashed a grin with her roomate Lauren Suter at the Sophomore Send-Off photobooth.

The Sophomore Send-Off was an idea that Student Senate came up with, kind of a way to give our sophomores one last big student life event at Allen,” said Bilderback. “ A lot of students put a great deal of time and planning into the event, led by Student Senate President Lindsey Temaat.”

More than 20 volunteers helped set up and decorate for the event Wednesday afternoon. The evening’s festivities started off with cookout comfort food compliments of Great Western Dining in the dining hall. Soon after, students enjoyed playing corn hole and volleyball in the Student Center courtyard. Inside the Student Center students snapped pictures with friends in front of two photo booths, played pool in the game room, and participated in an intense ping pong tournament, all while jamming out to music. When night fell over campus,  the students danced under the stars with their favorite sophomores.

“I think it was pretty cool that everyone just came together and had a good, fun time with each other,” said Kameron Kilchrist.

Lindsey Temaat