New Student Center Nears Completion

The Countdown Begins

3D Blueprints show the completed exterior of the newly renovated Student Center.

Lindsey Temaat, Managing Editor

As students both new and returning flooded the Allen Community College campus last week for move-in day, construction on the renovated Student Center continued in the heart of Allen’s campus. According to Brian Counsil, vice president of Finance and Operations at the college, the Student Center project has been in the institution’s sights for many years.

I’m most excited to see students in the new Student Center enjoying all the new aspects of our campus

— Brian Counsil

“In 2012, it was included as part of the College’s Strategic Plan and Master Facilities Plan,” said Counsil. “Serious planning started in 2015, with groundbreaking last April.”

The 6 million dollar project is to be completed by spring of 2019, and Allen’s Student Senate will hold a grand opening ceremony at the start of the semester to celebrate the facility completion.

Shelby Yoho, a freshman at Allen, stated that her favorite part of the new dining hall was how well it was organized. Returning sophomore Austin Wickwire, who remembers the old building, agreed.

“I really like the way it’s laid out this year. It doesn’t look like a high school cafeteria. It is a proper dining facility,” said Wickwire.

Adrian Pishny, a track and cross country runner at the college, stated he thinks the dining hall is “cleaner” and has better food in comparison to last year.

Students and faculty alike are anxiously awaiting the day when they will be able to enjoy the new renovations. While some may fondly remember the red benches that sat in the breeze-way or running through the rain to get from the caf to class every afternoon, nostalgia will be thwarted by a cozy, temperature controlled lobby, game rooms and vending machines, several study areas and soundproof study rooms for group projects, meeting rooms and more.

“I’m most excited to see students in the new Student Center enjoying all the new aspects of our campus,” said Counsil. “I believe this will be a great recruiting tool for students and student athletes.”