Womens, Mens Soccer Seasons Come To An End

Nikayla Kussatz, Photo Editor

The Allen Community College men and women’s soccer teams made many memories over the season, and overcame challenges on and off the field.

The teams went to St. Paul Minn. for two games in late August and also had the opportunity to stop by the Mall of America.

“When we went to Minnesota, I feel like we grew closer as a team and I met some of my best friends,” Freshman Shelby Dawson said.

All of the people that came out to the games really helped us this year and I can’t thank everyone enough for the support

— Sophomore Marissa Vietti

Throughout the season, many of the women’s soccer team members became injured. Despite the injuries, other members stepped up to help the team.

“This season has been a constant battle,” said Sophomore Hailey Jones. “We started off as a full healthy and strong team and then the injuries started happening. It’s just been an unlucky season but we always learn something from what we are given.”

Although Jones broke her foot and was in a boot for the majority of the season, she continued to cheer on her teammates.

“We are started to figure things out,” said Dawson. “All we have to do is finish the game stronger.”

After 18 pre-season and conference games, the women’s soccer team finished the season 6-12.

AS THE SEASON went by, the men’s team became a family and worked together to improve each and every day.

“I think the season went pretty good for all the players,” said Sophomore Quinton Lobb. “We all have become family but game wise I think that we could have been better.”

Chase Hochard red-shirted last season due to an injury during preseason. Because of this, he learned to support his team through thick and thin. Hochard is considering playing at Allen for another year, or moving  on to a four year university to complete his degree in athletic training.

“It’s been a rough year,” said Hochard. “We had a good start but lost it along the way. We all continued fighting to end the season strong.”

The last home soccer game for the men was sophomore night, Oct. 18 and for women’s it was Oct. 20. Many of the sophomores are planning to attend a four year university after this school year to either continue their athletic career, or focus on academics.

“I am so ready for indoor soccer with the team,” said Lobb. “After I get my associates degree I am planning on attending Washburn to complete my education.”

With 17 pre-season and conference games, the men’s soccer team’s record is 3-11-3.

Each player has worked countless hours during practice and games to better themselves as an athlete.

“All of the people that came out to the games really helped us this year and I can’t thank everyone enough for the support,” said Sophomore Marisa Vietti.

As for the freshmen, many are planning on working hard during the off season and coming out strong next year.