Chew on This: Bijou Confectionary Opens in Humboldt

Bailey Sprague, Social Media Manager

Every city or town has their beloved bakeries that reliably supply the community with delicious loaves of bread, pies, cakes, or cookies that the locals crave. Southeast Kansas is no exception to that, with small cafes and bakeries spotted in every square, such as Renee’s Bakery in Iola, Stacy Cakes in Humboldt, or Cornerstone Bakery in Yates Center.

I want to build a following of customers who will drive a little out of their way to get a fresh macaroon, or homemade fudge.

— Beth Barlow

However, there is a new sweet shop on the block that recently opened in Humboldt, Kan. The Bijou Confectionary is located on 810 Bridge St. A confectionary is slightly different than a bakery. A bakery is defined in the dictionary as “a place where bread and cakes are made and sold.” While a confectionary is defined as “candy and other sweet treats sold collectively.”

The Bijou Confectionary is owned and operated by Beth Barlow.

The Bijou Confectionay is located at 810 Bridge St. in Humboldt, Kan.

“I’ve always had a sweet tooth, so a candy store came naturally” said Barlow.

She designed the space that the shop is now located and remodeled the building herself. The building took almost a year to complete.

The inside of Bijou is a white wonderland, with the color palette being almost all white with dashes of pastels. It gives off a poised and professional vibe, somewhere where anyone can come in and find something that will get them their sugary fix.

Bijou is a new concept of bakery and certainly new to Southeast Kansas.

“My idea was totally a gamble. I wanted to do something that was a treat for kids and adults,” said Barlow. “I think sometimes, in small towns, we think that we have to settle. I wanted to make the store feel special.”

The customer definitely does not have to settle inside Bijou, they offer anything from taffy to macaroons, and meringues to virtually any candy.

As for where she wants the store to go, Barlow says she wants their candy selection and customer base to grow.

Nikayla Kussatz
Bakers at Bijou make fresh macaroons daily, and hope to make them a regional attraction.

“I have a couple goals for the store. I want to provide unique candy and gifts, such as the Japanese candy selection,” said Barlow.

The Japanese candy selection is certainly proof that any customer would be able to find something to suit them, and maybe even enable them to get a gift for the person who seems to have everything.

“I want to build a following of customers who will drive a little out of their way to get a fresh macaroon, or homemade fudge,” said Barlow.

Bijou might be a strange concept to the locals of Southeast Kansas, but it is certainly a treat. A store that looks like it has come right from the streets of New York has landed right in the backyard of the heartland.