We Can’t Hide Our Pride: Allen Cheer Team Welcomes the Junior Devs


Red Devil cheer team meets with the Junior Devs cheer team

Zoie Baker, Student Reporter

With all the sports activities at Allen County Community College, it can be hard to become successfully pumped up about our teams. This is where cheerleaders come in. This year, Allen’s athletes not only have the college Red Devil Cheer team to motivate them, but they also have the Junior Devs to help start and finish the evening. The Junior Devs is a local youth group sponsored by the Allen Community College.

While the program only has 12 kids, every age group from preschool to high school are represented, preschool through high school. The girls between the ages of Preschool and 5th grade practice between 5:00 to 6:30pm while the Middle school to High school practice from 6:30 to 8:30pm every other Monday. The girls have two weeks every month to practice before they join a game. To set the stage for our girls at the games or events, they practice stunts such as shoulder sits, thigh stands, and even go as far as dancing. Each practice is broken into 4 sections, 2 sections per age group. To participate in the games and practices there is an annual fee is $75 a month.

The Junior Devs is also able to perform with the Allen’s college cheerleaders at one game per month. In each group one side will teach cheer and the other will teach dance. When speaking with one of the Allen’s cheerleaders, Jailynn Goforth, it is was easy to see that she enjoys what she does and watching the girls grow.

“Working with the kids has been fun and it is good to watch them learn and grow because of something I taught them,” Goforth said.

The Junior Devs an exciting group to rally behind not only because they support the Red Devil Nation, but it creates excitement in our younger generation of cheerleader’s and pride to go to the next level. We hope to see you support our girl of all ages at the next performance on Saturday, October 8th during the woman’s soccer game! Go Devils!