Trendz: The 90’s are Back! So, “Eat my Shorts!”


Jailynn Goforth, Student Reporter

Fashion in today’s world is an ever changing thing. With new trends popping up every day, people are exploring fashion in ways they never have before. Yet, fashion is also cyclical, things come and go and return later on. In our current social media, we are seeing celebrities in slip dresses on the red carpet or working out in biker shorts. These trends are big now but were even bigger in the 90s. So, are we bringing back the 90’s?

The 90’s were a time of McDonald’s Super-sized, Furbies, Tamagotchis, and the debut of the tv show Friends. But the 90’s were also a peak in the fashion world. People experimented with new looks, including grunge styles and street fashion. Now, the internet is flooding with tiktoks and instagram reels about 90’s fashion statements that have been brought back.

“If you’ve ever seen Friends, Rachel and Monica are the epitome of fashion [in the 90’s], they made it work.” Zoe Baker, fellow Allen student said. “People are coming back to mom jeans and sandals in today’s society.”

From head to toe, combat boots to claw clips, the 90s are here. In today’s fashion, we are seeing a rise in baby tees, which were worn as casual day outfits, to velvet suits, which were styled as fashion staples. Many things in today’s fashion are taken from something in the past and recycled and used in new and innovative ways. Some of these big things include flannel shirts, fanny packs, hoop earrings, and let’s not forget, scrunchies.

Even clothing stores are beginning to sell items that make millennials get a flashback to the past. For example, Target is a big clothing store that is always selling the latest trends when it comes to their clothing items. Right now, Target’s women’s section is filled with brightly colored clothes, mesh tops, and chunky accessories.

“Target’s clothing is very colorful and bring “baggy vibes” which I feel like were a big thing in the nineties.” Allen student Hope Kamanga said.

Personally, I am all for bringing back the 90’s. I think the grunge fashion of the decade was peak style; my personal closet contains Doc Martins and an abundance of flannels. Girls and guys alike are flooding my social media wearing baby tees and cargo pants, which were staples in 90’s fashion, looking stunning and fashionable.

Overall, fashion is always recycling old things to create new trends. The 90’s is what is in right now, and let’s be honest… it’s the best.