Will the Real Spirit of Christmas Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up


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Jesus and Santa square off over who gets to decide who’s naughty or nice.

Hope Kamanga, Student Reporter

(Warning: This is a work of student satire and is meant for entertainment purposes only.)

Is it just me or is there a feeling of growing up and realizing the Christmas season advertising seems overly saturated on focusing on the aesthetic?  Additionally, when it comes to shopping, everyone comes together in a store and fights and screams for an item that’s on sale, but they’ll more than likely return it the next day. As time goes on, Modern Christmas is becoming a celebration of an overweight, made up, Santa Claus advertisement, instead of a celebration of Jesus Christ and happiness. Santa and The North Pole is an obvious way form of entertainment marketing because that’s the way to get money faster, as more movies are watched, and children are excited to take pictures with Santa and tell him what they want for Christmas. However, the sad part is they have to be on the nice list for their requests to be taken seriously. Santa should’ve at least added an “almost nice” list because kids are, well, kids. Let them be naughty for once. I know that Jesus would still accept their gift request, even if they were naughty that year because Jesus forgives. It’s also the season to celebrate his birth, so he is going to be even more ecstatic.

Christmas is a time to come together and be appreciative of what we have in the moment: the seeing of beautiful lights, the smelling the baked cookies, and the feeling of the Christmas Season that brings everyone together. The Christmas of the past was once a beautiful celebration of the birth of Christ and not over indulging in being spoiled by gifts. There was also no competition on who had the best lights hung up on their house, which probably raised their electricity bill. The modern face of Christmas is a fake guy who rides around in a sleigh powered by reindeer with red noses (perhaps nuclear powered), and children are told to believe there is someone who arrives at their house once a year to deliver a present that may or may not be delivered due to a predetermined scale of behavior.

Contrary to this, there is one person that arrives more than just once a year. This person’s name is Jesus. He arrives all the time and hangs out with us all the time. Now, I know, there are thouse that argue that Jesus is spoken about during Christmas, but I would say not nearly as much as Santa.

The question is “Why isn’t Jesus the face of Christmas?” He doesn’t question our behavior before receiving something. Just imagine a kid not being pressured to be nice to receive gifts. We are all humans, and kids are “little humans”. There is going to be a time that they steal from the candy jar, but in Santa’s eyes, that one act can cost him the epic toy truck he wanted all year. But with Jesus Christ, the real OG of Christmas, that infraction won’t cost him because Jesus is not Santa. Jesus won’t even think twice to question if he was naughty or nice that year.