Pets Across the World Are Getting Dressed Up for Halloween


Getty Images/iStockphoto

A french bulldog looks postively “demonic” in cute little devil costume.

Sondra Owings-Priest, Student Reporter

(Warning: This is a work of student satire and is meant for entertainment purposes only.)

Why think of a costume for ourselves when we can dress up our pet instead? This past Halloween was full of absurd costumes, but not necessarily on humans. Pets are now becoming the star of the show during the spooky season and social media is being overrun by dogs as hotdogs and Coca-Cola bottles. Pet costumes are in, while dressing up ourselves is out. So step aside, and let these canines and felines walk the catwalk this Halloween.

When going through the Halloween aisle there’s loads of costumes to choose from. The only problem is over half of them are costumes for animals. Kids are picking out their costumes to show mom and dad, only to get the sad “no” instead of approval. They are then forced to watch as their costume is picked out for a dog instead.

Yet, many parents are furious because prices for their children’s costumes are more expensive than most pet costumes. Costume makers claim it’s because children’s costumes require more material to make. Yet, one parent isn’t buying the narrative.

“This holiday is meant for the kids, not pets,” Karen McLaughlin, mother of four, said. “Most parents are now regretting having kids instead of just getting pets because of these ridiculous prices. I might as well put my kids up for adoption now and trade them in for a few pets, but don’t tell my husband.”

Halloween is becoming more about who has the best costume on TikTok or Instagram rather than going out and collecting candy. It seems the world is now more focused on pets stealing the limelight rather than kids participating in this spooky holiday. Right now, the puppy dressing as a bumble bee is more important and gets more views on social media than the little girl dressed in the same costume. So, trade in little Zach for a cute little dog named Fluffy and join the trends by getting a pet dressed up for the next Halloween.