Handling Horton Hall

Are the Hardships Worth the Hassle?


Freshman Jeremiah Pate makes the most of his small space in Horton Hall by setting up his TV in front of the bed, where he enjoys playing video games!

Brogan Falls, News Editor

At Allen Community College, there are three residence halls on campus: Winter Hall with its newly remodeled look; Masterson with its apartment like atmosphere; and Horton Hall. Horton is usually the dorm freshman (primarily male) students are put in if they are new on campus, or if they were not able to apply for a different dorm in time.

Of all of the residence halls on campus, Horton seems to stand out as the “joke dorm” due to the many complaints of the students who have ever stayed there. Despite the usually negative criticism that Horton receives, Horton Hall still has its redeeming qualities for students.

There were a handful of students who were more than willing to give their thoughts and opinions on their experience of living in Horton Hall. Virgil Wight, a current resident of Horton Hall, explained his concern with how thin the walls are, saying, “At certain times of the night it can be pretty noisy, and that is probably the biggest problem-the noise.”

However, Wight also finds it very convenient to be living in Horton stating, “The best thing about living in Horton Hall is that it is really close to everything else so it makes walking to classes and the Student Center more convenient.” Wight added that due to how close Horton is to classes, he is able to get ready at a pace that doesn’t feel rushed.

Another current resident of Horton Hall is Austin Wickwire.

“The rooms seem to be able to handle two people; however, since it is so small it seems to be more comfortably fit for one person,” said Wickwire. He also mentioned the noise problem, stating, “The noise can be really loud at times and there is little done to enforce (noise rules) so it never seems to stop.”

Nonetheless, Wickwire finds it useful to be living at Horton Hall for its location on campus. “Since it is so close to the main building, I hardly ever have to worry about driving anywhere,” he said.

Another Horton Hall resident who was willing to talk was Jeremiah Pate. He is fed up with the noise situation.

“There is always music blaring down the hallways at all hours, and there are always people knocking on random doors at two in the morning yelling something.” But, Pate still finds Horton Hall to be enjoyable. “The wi-fi has been recently updated making it easier to play games and do homework at a normal pace,” said Pate.

Although Horton Hall has generally been given a bad reputation, the students there generally find it to be their home away from home. Though Horton is not the five star resort that most students expect, it quickly grows on them as they start to realize the benefits of living there.

College students will be college students, so some noisy and wild neighbors can be expected from time to time, but one learns to become accustomed to such things when living there. Horton seems to have become a sort of “right of passage” throughout the campus; meaning once one has lived an entire year at Horton, he or she is ready to take on anything college has to offer.