Students Get To Pick

Rachael Kothe, Opinion Editor

Electives are a crucial part of a student’s schedule, and define a major.

“Overall, all students, regardless of major, are required to complete social and behavioral sciences as well as fine arts and humanities electives,” said Nikki Peters, the director of advising at Allen Community College. “The majority of students, regardless of which degree they are pursuing, will take classes like sociology.”

According to Peters, most students completing an Associates of Arts (AA) degree will focus more on their area of study within the social and behavioral sciences or the fine arts and humanities, while students pursuing an Associates of Science (AS) degree are typically going to enroll in more science, math, computer science or business courses.

“We changed the degree requirements for the AA and AS two years ago. This change was made to better align with general education requirements at the four-year colleges and universities our students transfer to,” Peters said.

Marcos Benitez,  a freshman at Allen, is taking the elective Principles of Geography.

“I dislike physical science and labs but I like U.S. History, as my degree is in criminal justice and law enforcement,” Benitez said.