Academic Honesty is Top Priority


Gage Ruark

Flame Writers Lindsey Temaat and Paul Borcherding mimic academic dishonesty. Eyes on your own paper Paul!

Gage Ruark and Lindsey Temaat

Academic honesty is a core value of students and faculty at Allen Community College. However, many students may have been academically dishonest in the past. Although many students in high school haven’t enforced these policies as strongly as colleges do, but it’s never too late to learn about how to avoid being academically dishonest.

“Academic honesty is more than just cheating,” said the Dean of Online Learning at Allen, Regena Aye. “It can include reporting data incorrectly from a lab experiment, using a source or the ideas of others without citation, and collaborating with others on individual work.”

 A common challenge that students face is not understanding a topic fully, and feeling the need to get the information elsewhere. However, the college offers a plethora of resources to help students including a writing center, math center, and online research databases. In addition, the library staff is always eager to help students with research projects.

“Adhering to academic honesty helps students get the most out of their classes,” said Aye. “Students often resort to academic dishonesty when they’re afraid to approach the instructor for help. Allen offers many Southport support services for students to use to continue to grow academically and be successful.”

When a student is dishonest they may face several repercussions including being asked to redo the assignment, receiving a no points for the assignment, being dropped from the class, or in severe cases, expelled from the college they’re attending.

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