Library Offerings Vast, Varied


Gage Ruark

Students take advantage of the comfortable space in Allen’s Library.

Gage Ruark, Features Editor

Allen Community College Library offers many things to students; however, not everyone is aware of what all is accessible. Sandy Moore, the Library director, is in charge of everything from events to the books ordered for their collections. In the library can be found many things for students, both for academics and things not revolved around schooling.

Allen is one of the two community colleges in the entire state to that has a discovery service. The discovery service is a feature that gives students the ability to search resources available to you as a student at Allen.

“You are able to find newspapers, books, movies and pretty much anything that is accessible for you as a student. It’s like our own little Allen Google library,” said Moore.

Also who would’ve guessed, but the Library also has a lot of books for the students. With most of the collection being non-fiction, a good chunk of the books are used for academics. The library also has a collection of Oxford short introductions, which give you information on several different topics ranging from History to information on dreams.

Tutoring is another activity that takes place in the library, which is a useful tool for students who are seeking extra help in their classes.

The library offers an array of young adult books, movies and even board games. So far this first semester the library has checked out a total of 386 movies, as you can tell this is something that the students are making use of. On occasions the library will bring in guest speakers and even have board game nights where students can come in, eat snacks and play their favorite board game.

Offering a variety of things to the students, there are also a few things Moore still wants to add to the library.

“I’d like to start a graphic novel collection, giving student some more to read and maybe find another type of reading they like.” said Moore. “Also I would like to try to extend the hours from nine to ten, this could give students more time to work, especially when finals start getting closer.”

The library plans on having an Allen Alumni come and be a guest speaker on Nov. 28, so pay attention to the bulletin board outside the library for more details on this event.