Free Bowling Appeals


Bailey Sprague

Allen Students enjoy Free Bowling Night at Country Lanes bowling alley.

Bailey Sprague, Photo Editor

Once a month at Country Lanes bowling alley in Iola, Allen County students are able to bowl for free with friends and peers.

The most recent event was held on Tuesday, Oct. 10, from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. All one needs is his or her Allen student identification, and students can bowl for free. It is an activity that gets students off campus and can help to break up the monotony of everyday life in Iola.

“All the students seem to really enjoy it,” said freshman Adriana Nunez. “The lanes always fill up really fast and everyone seems to be having a good time.”

If finding a group to come with is an issue, there are usually plenty of spots available at all the lanes, so jumping in with a group about to start is always an option.

Along with the free bowling nights, the school has a variety of off-campus activities available for students, such as Dairy Queen Blizzard Night and Movie Night at Sterling Six Cinema in which prices are deeply discounted for students.

Students are notified of the activities in their emails by student life director Ryan Bilderback, and there are also posters around campus on the days leading up to the events.