The Importance of Spring Break Decompression

Sarah Navidad, Student Reporter

In order to give students a little break from their demanding academic obligations before the second part of the school year and finals, Spring Break is often arranged around the middle or end of the month of March. Here at Allen Community College, Spring Break will be March 11th through the 18th.

Spring Break is the ideal time to take advantage of the warmer weather and the numerous health advantages of being outside in the sunshine and fresh air. Spring break is not only excellent for one’s emotional state of health, but it is unquestionably good for one’s physical health as well. We all know by now that reducing stress and anxiety during this period is extremely beneficial to a person’s overall health. Because this week of vacation enables a much-needed mental decompression from onerous school-related tasks, spring break has been proven to be extremely beneficial to students’ mental health.

Some students plan ahead for Spring Break by planning flight times and traveling routes, while some plan to stay in and just have the free time to relax and get some rest. Activities to do while being here in college in a small town is not much, but a person can make it more impactful by getting together with friends. Keeping each other company, whether it’s going out to eat at restaurant or even for a walk, will help defeat boredom and do wonders for a person’s mental health.

Here at Allen, there are many trails to go walk, run, or bike on, especially since the weather is getting warmer and fresher. Allen also has an activities building and gym that is open every day of the week and is open to everyone. All sports can be played there, so getting together with friends would be fun.

For students that know they don’t want to stay here at Allen, a trip in another city, or even another country, would be nice. I personally I want to go to have a girl’s trip with friends and travel to another city. Also, for those who don’t live as far from home, traveling home for Spring Break and spending time with family and friends would be very beneficial for one’s mental health.

Remember to use Spring Break effectively to help decompress. If there is uncertainty about what to do during Spring Break, here is an another article on what college students can do!