Washburn, PSU Top Transfer Schools

Anna Mammedova, Features Editor

The last days of the fall 2014 semester definitely get Allen students excited to start new chapters of their lives. For mostof them a new chapter will start with a good Christmas break and a return to Allen for the spring semester. For others, the end of this semster marks their last at Allen and next year will commence with admission to colleges and universities.

Bobbie Haviland, Allen Community College registrar, shared the plans of Allen transfer students for the upcoming year. The most popular schools for Allen transfer scholars happen to be Washburn University in Topeka and Pittsburg State University. Relying on data, Haviland said one of the reasons students choose Washburn is because of its location in the capital of Kansas. Topeka is near Allen’s Burlingame Campus, and many students there commute from Topeka. Therefore, they stay in their hometown, or travel a short distance, to attend Washburn.

While there are a wide variety of other reasons to choose these institutions, the main factors are still location and affordability. Compared to Kansas State University and the University of Kansas, the cost of these schools is a lot cheaper. Moreover, the ratio between students and instructors is smaller, like at Allen, which makes interaction and learning more productive.

Haviland also indicated the importance of financial aid that universities offer. Allen students who had a chance to become Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society members, for instance, are usually looking for schools who recognize their affiliations with scholarships.

Haviland strongly recommends students who are planning their future semesters to take classes that will be transferable to their universities of choice. “Students, who take care of these details beforehand have an easier admission process,” she said.

As registrar, Haviland welcomes anybody who has a question about transcripts and transferring documents to visit her office.