Relationship Will Continue, Despite Distance Apart

MyKenna Sharp-Hadl, Features Editor

Relationships have their struggles. Some suffer from serious bouts of jealousy, while other couples argue incessantly over the smallest things.

Sophomore Shelby Maycumber and freshman Tyler Pedersen, who are departing Allen Community College as the spring semester closes, have their own unique struggle. Their dilemma is the distance they will be apart next school year.

Maycumber, an Allen softball player, and Pedersen, a member of the livestock judging team, met in an unlikely circumstance. Pedersen and his roommates were outside of their duplex practicing their skills on a roping dummy. Maycumber and her friends joined in on the fun. A semester later, Pedersen messaged Maycumber on Facebook asking for “her digits.” Maycumber was timid but soon gave in. Pedersen visited Maycumber’s duplex a few times before their relationship really kicked off. They have now been together for about three months.

Maycumber is from Fort Scott, where she will spend her summer, and Pedersen is from Emporia. Pedersen plans to attend Allen again next year, while Maycumber will be playing softball for the McPherson College Lady Bulldogs.

“Our biggest struggle will be not getting to see one another when we want to. We spend time together now almost daily,” Maycumber said.

However, the power couple plans to make it work. This summer, Maycumber will visit Pedersen in Emporia on the weekends and he will visit Fort Scott whenever he can.

Next year, Pedersen will continue his livestock judging work, and the team practices throughout the week for upcoming competitions. Pedersen’s summer will consist of working with his family members putting up brome and prairie hay.

Being at home non-stop means that Maycumber will do a lot more of the traveling than Pedersen to make visits possible. In July, Pedersen and Maycumber will be going on a camping trip in Missouri.

“My plans to make a long distance relationship work are going to see her from time to time and calling her; also having her come see me and making the most out of it every time, and to never lose trust,” Pedersen said.

While long-distance relationships might be a challenge, Maycumber and Pedersen plan to do what is necessary to keep theirs manageable.