Allen Offers Building, Room Naming Opportunities


Quinton Weld

The Barclay Lecture Hall, named for longtime Allen chemistry instructor Bob Barclay, and Masterson Hall, below, named for President John Masterson, are two examples of college facilities named for people vital to the institution.

Quinton Weld, Sports Editor

Allen Community College has a great past filled with rich history. Many of the greats that have come through Allen have been memorialized through the brick and mortar of this school. Most of the student housing here at Allen is named after important people who have influenced Allen in one way or the other.

There are different ways that one could get recognized by Allen and have their name remembered though a building or room. One could either donate the money needed to have that area named after them or he or she could be chosen for a naming. This is where the school decides to name facilities, programs, or events after someone they deem deserving to be honored.

Currently there are many opportunities at Allen to name a building or room of one’s choice. Based on information provided by the school’s chief finance officer, Brian Counsil, the opportunities range from all the rooms in the new Student Center to the activities and theater buildings plus many more.

Almost all the facilities at Allen can be named if they have not already been given a moniker, Counsil said. For example, if one would want to name the theater building, they would only have pay $500,000. Although that is a large price to pay, there are opportunities that would only set the person back $25,000, a small price to pay to be memorialized forever.

The named buildings of Allen link themselves to people of great importance to the culture and history of the school. Those names students see every day have impacted our school and will be remembered for much longer than our time here. So, take a second to appreciate this place and all who helped mold it into the school we know today.

Following are naming opportunities, with their respective price tags, at Allen:

Student Center

Commons – $50,000

Cafeteria – $50,000

Office Area – $25,000

Game Rooms (2) – $25,000

Study Rooms – $25,000

Theater Building – $500,000

Theater – $100,000

Classrooms – $25,000

Activities Building – $250,000

Weight Room – $50,000

Dance Room – $25,000

Main Floor Area – $50,000


Gymnasium – $250,000

Track – $100,000

Softball Field – $100,000

Soccer Field – $100,000

Library – $100,000

Conference Room – $25,000

Iola Campus Main Building

Administrative Conference Room – $25,000

Athletic Conference Room – $25,000

Classrooms – $25,000


Duplexes (each) – $25,000


Classrooms – $25,000

Student Services Area – $50,000