Seeking a Job? Use Written, Oral Communication Skills


Human resources specialist Shellie Regehr has a role in all job interviews at Allen Community College.

Quinton Weld, Flame Staff Writer

With the summer coming up it is time for students to start thinking about applying for summer jobs and internships. Allen Community College students graduating this year may also find themselves wanting to start their careers and move forward in their life.

The most important part in securing a job is the interview. The interviewing process can be a new experience for some, but it shouldn’t be something to worry about.

One of the beginning steps to apply for a job is sending the company a cover letter and a resume. A cover letter is meant to introduce oneself to the company and explain positive traits and skills more than what a resume will show. The cover letter is like a sales pitch about oneself to the company the person is trying to join.

A resume is an important part of securing an interview. A resume shows the employer a candidate’s education, work experience and other information at a glance. The resume, with the accompanying cover letter, is sent in hopes of getting an interview.

The resume should be neat and easy to read and highlight everything pertinent and vital  in a quick manner.

Allen’s human resources specialist, Shellie Regehr, said, “Try to make sure that your resume shows your strengths.”

For more advice and help with a cover letter and resume, students at the Iola Campus can visit Bruce Symes at the Writing Center in the library.

IF THE cover letter and resume gets a candidate in the door, he or she can prepare for the interview.

One of the most important things to do before going into the interview is to research the company one is interviewing with and the job being sought. Knowing the company will help a person anticipate questions interviewers could ask and give the interviewee questions to ask.

According to, “Preparing for an interview primarily means taking time to thoughtfully consider your goals and qualifications relative to the position and employer.”

Another tip for the interviewing process would be to try and practice with mock interviews to build confidence and experience before going in for an interview.

According to the Indeed website, “Most importantly you need to be confident in yourself and your abilities. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself to the company. You are competing for the job so treat the interview process as a competition. Remember to dress professionally and have good body language.”

Regehr also recommended to be sure to follow up after the interview with either a handwritten note or email.