Men’s Squad Has Potential


Coach Andy Shaw

Bret Plumlee, Health Editor

The Allen Community College men’s basketball team has made some major changes from the 2018-2019 season to this season, with only six players of the current 16 man roster returning from the prior season.

Those players including Trez Hankins (6’2” guard), Canaan Daniels (6’3” guard), Tyus Jeffries (6’1” guard), Trevor Johnston (5’11” guard), Malik Hardmon (6’4” forward) and Brandon Gray (6’4” forward). The returning sophomores are looking to make an improvement on their record from the previous season when they went 16-15.

After the first eight games of this season the Red Devils have accomplished an even record of 4-4. However, the team still has some large improvements to make if it wants a better record. On the court this team is averaging 17 turnovers to only 12.5 assists. An overwhelming amount of points comes from one-on-one battles against defenders.

With improvements in team chemistry the Red Devils would likely see progress in their overall-record. Hankins and Hardmon are expected to lead the team and the other players will have to put trust into them if they want to accomplish this goal. The team has to realize that wins are going to catch scouts attention long before occasional individual standout performances.

Overall the Red Devils men’s team has great potential, but now it’s time to see if they can fill those shoes.