Deep Breath In, Exhale Out


Brianna Brady

My roommates and I form a three-person pyramid yoga pose.

Brianna Brady, Opinion Editor

Yoga has become more popular over the years. With various techniques and relaxation methods, people use this exercise to reach peace within themselves, focusing their mind, as well as for physically fitness.

Being a college student trying to balance academics, sports and other activities I often turn to yoga to release tension from a long day. Incorporating just two hours a week makes a tremendous difference. My roommates and I started practicing last year and have carried our passion into this year.

I encourage everyone to take time out of their day, sit in a quiet place and realize what they are feeling. Take deep breaths and exhale the tension. Yoga incorporates fitness and mental focus; as one progresses, the individual can achieve more extreme poses.

A great thing about this exercise is that practitioners can literally start at any level. A person doesn’t have to be skilled to want a healthier lifestyle. There are many branches of yoga that fit well with different individuals and what they are looking for. Exercising this way is different because one incorporates his or her mind and body with the same outcome of strength, confidence and overall well-being.

Start slow and find what works for you whether it involves attending classes with an instructor or doing it on your own. I use the app Eternal Sunshine. It sends daily mantras and has endless meditation exercises, peaceful sounds, and inspirational talks.