Consequences Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse On Campus


Nikayla Kussatz

The graph above displays the data from drug and alcohol violations at Allen Community College over the past six years.

Nikayla Kussatz, Photo Editor

Drugs and alcohol use is prohibited on Allen Community College campuses.

According to Cynthia Jacobson, the vice president of student affairs at the college, since the spring semester of 2013 there has been an average of 16 students that have gotten caught with alcohol and an average of 3.25 students that have been caught with drugs.

“The number of violations has been fairly consistent,” said Jacobson. “There are a few semesters with significantly larger numbers of alcohol violations. These terms each had one incident that involved a large number of students.”

According to the student handbook, students will be penalized for the possession of drugs and alcohol. Students have the option to do community service instead of paying the fines for their violations.

“I did the majority of my community service at ACARF,” said a student with a drug violation on campus. “The rest of my hours were done through Thrive Allen County and both organizations were very helpful.”

According to the Addiction Center students that are enrolled in college full time are twice as likely to abuse drugs and alcohol than people who do not attend college.

For more information about school policy, students are encouraged to contact Ryan Bilderback, the director of student life and housing, or refer to the student handbook.



Alcohol Violations

1st Violation- $100 fine, and parent notification or 10 hours community service and parent notification.

2nd Violation- $150 fine, alcohol and drug counseling with the counseling department, residence hall probation, and parent notification. Or 20 hours community service, counseling, residence hall probation, and parent notification.

3rd Violation- Disciplinary Action (Disciplinary sanctions may include cancellation of the student’s residence hall contract and/or separation or suspension from the college. Local law enforcement agency may also be contacted.)

Note: Residence Hall Staff reserve the right to increase consequences based on the severity of the infraction.

Drug Violations

Minimum penalties will include $200 fine or 20 hours community service, alcohol and drug assessment, residence hall probation, and parent notification. Additional consequences may include loss of activity or athletic scholarship, removal from the residence halls or dismissal from the institution. Local law enforcement agency may also be contacted.