Movie Review: A Boy Called Christmas. A Winter Adventure.

Jailynn Goforth, Student Reporter

One day the King calls all of the villagers to his castle to present them with a quest. A young boy named Nikolas, his Papa, and a friendly mouse, Miika, attend the meeting where the King declares that whoever can travel to the ends of the land and bring back hope to the village will receive a substantial reward.

The movie, A Boy Called Christmas, is introduced and narrated by the character Aunt Carlotta, played by Dame Maggie Smith, who is babysitting her grandchildren whose mother has just passed. She gathers the children together and tells them the story of Christmas and of the young boy Nikolas, played by Henry Lawfull

In the story, Nikolas’s father leaves to try and bring back hope to the village to gain the reward offered by the King. When Nikolas is left alone with his grim aunt he begins a daring trek with his friendly pet mouse to find his father and the village of Elfhelm, which his mother used to tell him stories about when he was a child.

Along the way Nikolas meets reindeer he names Blitzen and learns that he has successfully taught Miika the mouse how to talk. Eventually the boy finds the fabled village and his father and brings back hope to his village in the form of giving gifts, aka Christmas.

The movie tells a strong story of friendship and resilience, and although it has some heart wrenching moments it is a very entertaining watch. Having come out in 2021, the CGI on the animals is amazing and gives the movie that magical quality. The feeling of childlike wonder flows throughout this entire film and leaves you with a genuine feeling of warmth when finished. Smith’s occasional voiceover really brings a beautiful ambiance to the movie with her warm voice and inviting accent.

So, this Christmas, grab a blanket, cozy up, and make watching A Boy Called Christmas your new Christmas tradition.