Resource Guide: What To Pack In Case Of The Zombie Apocalypse


Tangi Bertin

Individuals dress up as zombies every year for the Paris Zombie Walk in Paris, France.

Molly Henderson, Health Editor

This is it.  The zombie apocalypse is about to hit your area.  What should you do? You have time to grab as much stuff as necessary, but where do you even start?  This is a list compiled of all the essentials. Have fun packing, and good luck trying to save your whole family!



You’ll need one that has a bunch of pockets and space to put all this stuff!


Toilet paper

No one ever thinks about it, but this is probably one of the most important things on this list.  It can also be opted out for paper towels. The things we take for granted in our modern world will be the things that inconvenience us most.


3 quality first aid kits put into plastic bags

First aid kits are important for obvious reasons.  The plastic bags are to keep the contents dry and usable.


Changes of clothes

Eventually, your one pair of clothes that you were planning on wearing forever will wear out and then you’ll be naked and wandering around in the snow where no one will save you because everyone is dead or actively trying to eat you.  Pack multiple changes of clothes and make sure they’re practical.



A hatchet can be used to break into houses for supplies, such as food.  It can also be used to chop some firewood.


Sleeping bag

You won’t be able to sleep in a house with a comfy bed every night.



A tent is great when you need to pack up and move quickly; you won’t be able to live in town anymore for fear of the zombie horde. However, you can opt. for a tarp as well if you’re not afraid of animals coming and nibbling on your toes.



You need rope for the tarp and various other things.  Preferably, pack a lot of rope.



You may think you know where you are and where you’re going, but do you really want to leave it to chance?  Walk in circles long enough and you won’t have to worry about it anymore, I guess.



This is obviously meant to be paired with your map, but be careful when it starts spinning in circles…



If you can find a flashlight that is self-powered then great, but if not, pack a lot of batteries or find rechargeable batteries- just don’t let yourself get lost in the dark.  A lot of things go bump in the night.


Non-perishable food

Obviously, humans can’t survive without some food.  Pack canned goods, food that has a long shelf life, etc.


2 liters container for water

This goes hand in hand with your non-perishables.  However, you can’t just drink out of any old puddle you find.  Add a filter kit, purification tablets, or something to purify the water before you put it in your body.  No one can help you with dysentery or that weird bacteria that makes you vomit blood.


2 pocket knives

Having more than one knife is great in case you mess up and break one.  


Multi tool

Even more uses available than a pocket knife!


Waterproof matches/flint and steel

Man make fire.  Man survive. Man rebuild world.


Garbage bags

These are not for trash, they are to protect you and your stuff from the rain.  Wrap up your stuff and form another one into a poncho. Then make jokes to friends long undead about how you’re a piece of trash.  Finally, cry. No one can see your tears in the rain. Also everyone is dead.

Now that you’ve got all this stuff, you can go out into the world and try to survive.  Good luck!