Maintenance Staff Makes A Difference


Kent Tomson, the Director of Maintenance at Allen Community College is a friendly face students may see around campus.

Rachael Kothe, Opinion Editor

Kent Tomson is the director of maintenance at Allen Community College. He was an electrical lineman for 34 years, and worked with the local municipality for 32 years. For the last 18 years he was the electrical superintendent. In addition, he was involved with the upgrading of the electrical systems in the main building on the Iola campus, working closely with the contractors and spending a lot of time on campus.

“The busiest time of the year for me is in the summer months while the school is closed. We have had construction jobs every summer since I started this position,” Tomson said.

“The biggest satisfaction for me is when people come on campus and comment about how the campus looks and runs,” said Tomson. “The staff work hard to keep it a nice looking and pleasant atmosphere.”

“If the students see the staff working hard to maintain the campus it is easier to keep the respect that you want,” Tomson said on his beliefs that students respecting the campus.

It takes right at $888,000 to maintain our Iola campus. Here’s to keeping this campus safe, clean and efficient. Next time you see a maintenance worker, say thanks!