New Coffee Shop Brings Warm Coffee and Smiles to Iola


Customers patiently wait in line for coffe at Fillmore Coffeehouse and Plant Cafe in Iola.

Jailynn Goforth, Student Reporter / Co-Editor

Local coffee for Iola has been hard to find these past few years. Having gone to Allen Community College for almost two years, I have become a stickler for good coffee to wake me up for those early morning classes. Fillmore Coffeehouse and Plant Cafe opened in late September and has now become a staple for when I need my caffeine fix.

My first time in the Fillmore coffee shop, I was drawn in by the warm aromas that filled the store. The smell of coffee and baked goods filled my nose. Being the beginning of fall, they had all their seasonal flavors out. With a group of friends, we tried three different iced lattes and none of them disappointed. I ordered an iced caramel latte, and it was delicious. With just the right amount of bitter to my sweet, the coffee was gone in seconds.

Other Allen students are starting to take notice of the up and coming coffee shop as well.

“When it comes to their coffee, it’s very homey,” Lonna Yoder, freshman at ACC, said. “It’s so smooth, and no matter what flavor you get, it still is delicious.”

Aside from the coffee, the staff at the shop are very inviting as well. When walking into the shop, I am always greeted with a smile. Myra Gleeson one of the co-owners is one of the main smiles in the store. When ordering coffee, it seems as though Gleeson has made it a personal goal to remember her customers’ names. In small town Iola, it feels nice when owners of new stores reach out and connect to the community in this way.

“The coffee shop is a very welcoming place,” Yoder said. “The employees really take pride in the regulars making them feel important and like a friend.”

Fillmore Coffeehouse and Plant Cafe, as the name suggests, also has a variety of plants that can be purchased. The plants are set around the store not only as elegant decorations adorning the café but also as products ready to be sold. All of the plants are luscious green and high quality, bringing a needed sense of coziness to the coffee shop.

Overall, the Fillmore Coffeehouse and Plant Cafe has been a statement for many people in the community, myself included. With a personal rating of five out of five stars, I would recommend this local coffee shop for anyone looking for their caffeine fix. Adding this corner cafe into everyday routine will add a guaranteed smile to your day.