International Student Receives Meritorious Achievement


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Titilope Oyelami won the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region V award for First Time Stage Management.

Hope Kamanga, Student Reporter

Titi Oyelami is from Nigeria Epode and is a freshman here at Allen Community College.  She has been making great strides being here at Allen. Titi has just received an award which is the Meritorious Achievement in first time stage management.

Titi’s hard work in balancing extracurricular activities and school work has been recognized, and she is a great example of allowing oneself to join other activities and immerse themselves in different areas of the school instead of just studying away. Yet, Titi’s reaction to the award was one of shock.

“I really don’t know how I did because I wasn’t expecting it,” Titi said about receiving reward. “I felt neutral about it. Then I was happy when I had my personal time to process what happened.”

Titi won the award for doing theater for her extra activity. While doing the activity, she has learned to manage her time and it has shown that it is possible to do many things while balancing a schedule.

“I chose theater because it was a far cry from my major which is Nursing,” Titi said about why she chose to do theater. “I wanted something fun, challenging, and new.”

“[In the theater,] I learned to work hard and ask for help when I am confused,” Titi sad about her experience.

Titi’s favorite thing about working in the theater department is being a stage manager. “My favorite thing is filling out paperwork because it makes everything organized.”

Titi also had advice to give to anyone who is taking theater or is interested in achieving this same award.

“[A student should attempt] To be yourself and most importantly be reliable,” Titi said.  “To be open minded, ready to work with people, have a good attitude, learn to do your work on time, don’t leave your tasks to the last minute since that can lead to you being stressed out.”

Titi is still continuing her education after Allen, and she plans to get her bachelor’s degree in nursing and continue to use her skills of time management throughout her future. Titi has shown that experiencing new challenges and passions can help us with the routine of being a college student and in other areas of our life.