Students Form College Community


Chandler Crow

Enjoying a recent movie night were, from left, Jesse Kutzke, Jesus Beltran, Emilee Mitchell, Payton Huckabay, and Zack Ledesma.

Chandler Crow, Flame Staff Writer

There is so much more to college than just going to class and studying for exams. Only a couple hours out of the day are actually spent in class.  Students at Allen Community College can get creative when it comes to keeping entertained and finding activities to enjoy in their free time.

While talking to some students around campus, they all agreed that the school does a good job of providing activities to bring the community together. Student life activities such as bowling night, casino night, movie night, Blizzard night and the various sporting and arts events on campus are all great ways to get together with friends, meet new people, and come together as a community on campus.

Allen students Valerie Ridder and Matt Sostarich both commented that out of all the student life events, movie night is definitely their favorite. Dillan Warner also added that basketball games are always a good time to get together and hang out.

School events aren’t the only ways to get out and engage with the student body. Fabio Gonzalez mentioned the fishpond when asked what he felt contributed to a community on campus. He said, “It’s a good place to interact with everyone in between classes.”

There are also other ways to spend time that don’t involve being on campus. One student in particular, Matt Sostarich, touched on some hobbies he enjoys off campus. He brought up that he likes to go fishing and hunting with the guys and just go exploring around town when he has the chance.

College can be monotonous at times, with classes every day and the same schedule every week, but there are plenty of opportunities to get out and interact with the community on campus. Whether it is student life events, sporting events, theater, concerts or hobbies found outside of school, the opportunities are there; it’s just what students choose to make out of it.