Allen Ends Semester with a Game of Throws

Freshman Devon Rirchardson throws his last bag into the hole to gain his team 3 points.

Freshman Devon Rirchardson throws his last bag into the hole to gain his team 3 points.

Connor Clark

Allen Student Life hosted its last student event of the year on Tuesday, November 17 . A cornhole tournament was put on to entice students to come out and enjoy some fun before leaving for break for about two months. The tournament was divided into two playing areas with adequate ways to social distance effectively throughout its entirety while still maintaining a fun atmosphere for both the teams, and those there watching.

I had a chance to talk with The Director of Student Life, Josiah D’Albini about details regarding this tournament. When asked about why he decided to put it on, he said, “I noticed that students last year in particular were out playing it often, and I know some wanted ping pong tournaments, and so this is another good option.”

Nearly 26 total people were in attendance, including the 10 teams that signed up to play.

When asked about plans for social distancing in the Student Center and he said, “There will be primarily the teams staying in their groups away from others, and of course the Student Center is always appropriately set up to social distance because that is always a concern that we have.”

The set up for cornhole is designed for appropriate social distancing requirements.

Going into next semester as far as more events scheduled to take place, D’Albini said, “Next semester, we do have a speaker, Dustin York, and he is a speaker on leadership. That was something set up by [former Student Life director Ryan Bilderback], but we don’t have any events like a ping pong tournament set up yet.”

He is hopeful for a monthly tournament though to have something for students to do other than athletics and classes.

All in all, the cornhole tournament was a success and very well organized. The atmosphere was enjoyable, as were those there playing and watching. Many of the students found the event enjoyable, fun and lighthearted and are looking forward to what future events Student Life brings. It was a great last week activity for those who had the pleasure of attending.