Homecoming at Allen Community College


Sondra Owings-Priest, Student Reporter

Homecoming is around the corner and everyone is talking about who will be crowned homecoming king and queen. Homecoming is this Saturday, February 11th, and the crowning will occur at the Iola Campus in the ACC gym. Women’s and men’s basketball will play Saturday as well, women’s at 2 p.m. and men’s at 4 p.m. Crowning ceremony will be during the men’s halftime.

Five male and female sophomores were selected by ACC staff and faculty. Sophomore Catherine Harold, is one of the lucky five female homecoming candidates. Harold is from Gateshead, England, and is on the women’s soccer team. As a sports medicine major, Harold first came to ACC in 2021 to play for the soccer team and pursue a college education to earn her degree eventually.

“Honestly [it’s] strange because [it’s] not something that I’m familiar with or that we did at my schools. So I guess [it’s] interesting to be included”, said Harold.

Another homecoming candidate is Sophomore Kudakwashe Chitani. Chitani is a part of the men’s soccer team, Phi Theta Kappa, Bible Study, and is a math tutor. Chitani is majoring in engineering and is from Harare, Zimbabwe.

“[It] is an honor to be recognized as one of the nominees by the staff. At the time, school wasn’t part of my immediate plans, and I am thankful”, said Chitani.

The candidates are preparing for the role of representing the school while students are casting their votes. Spread the spirit and come support ACC tradition and fun.