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Coaches Recruit (Connect, Connect, Connect)

Brianna Brady, Student Activities Editor

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Most of the students at Allen Community College play a sport or participate in an activity. Currently there are 14 different sports teams and 12 clubs for activities. The recruitment process of finding students each year to fulfill the standards is excessive and tedious.

Amanda Logback, assistant cheer and dance coach, spends a lot of time connecting with high school students through apps like Instagram and Facebook. According to Logback, the importance of keeping a team’s social media updated with achievements and game schedules is crucial because this will be the first place a student will look when deciding whether or not they want to be part of it in the future.

Coaches looking to recruit spend their time traveling to high schools and watching over practices.

“It’s important to connect with other coaches because they can be the one referring an athlete to your program,” said Logback.

After social media comes campus visits and open gyms, where freshman are invited to practice with the team.

Logback gives advice to students looking to get recruited, “Keep up to date with social media,” she said. “Join groups and reach out to athletes and coaches for any questions you may have.”

Students looking to get recruited should keep their online profile up to date and use tools like to get their name out before coaches.

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Coaches Recruit (Connect, Connect, Connect)