Second Annual Osage County Math Relays Held

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On January 9, the second annual Osage County Math Relays took place on the Burlingame campus of Allen Community College.

Forty-eight high school students ranging from 9th to 12th grades attended the relays coming from Osage City, Burlingame, Santa Fe Trail, and Marais des Cygnes Valley.

The ninth grade first place winners consisted of Wyatt Lingenfelter, Becca Love, Brian Bailey, and Hannah Roberts.

Lacy Davenport was the tenth grade winner, and Ryan Lauber was the eleventh grade winner.

For twelfth grade, the first place winner, Gabriel Rose, and second place winner, Riley Rowe, will both receive a Presidential Scholarship to attend Allen Community College.

Out of all four high schools, Santa Fe Trail won the overall math relays competition.

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