New Baseball Complex Taking Shape


Bailey Sprague

Progress continues on the new Baseball Complex.

Bailey Sprague, Photo Editor

In early fall of 2017, construction began on the east side of the Allen Community College campus near the baseball and softball fields. It was the beginnings of a new complex for the baseball team.

The new complex includes a new hitting pavilion and a bullpen, which will be beneficial for the team because it currently does not have a bullpen and players have to hit in the Red Barn, next to the new facilities.

The new facilities will help the team be more successful this season because “we will be hitting under better conditions, and the pitchers will have a set place to warm up and practice,” said sophomore Nathan Woodruff. The old facilities were not substantial enough for the team, Woodruff noted. “The toilets would turn off in the winter and we would have to clean the pipes when they turned them back on.”

The outfield fence will also be getting repaired, making the overall aesthetics of the field more professional.

The team is reacting positively to the new construction despite the noise during practice. The sophomores are “really happy about everything being fixed,” according to Woodruff, and the freshman are excited to be the first ones to use the facilities.

Woodruff feels that the team is working well together so far during the preseason and is hopeful that the positive attitude continues throughout the season.