Allen’s Student Center Offers a Relaxing Environment


Quinton Weld

Allen students relax in between classes in the Student Center.

Quinton Weld, Sports Editor

In the winter of the 2018-19 academic year, Allen Community College was wrapping up the construction of the new Student Center. The highly anticipated new addition to the school was shrouded in mystery and caused a lot of excitement for the students. When the students came back from winter break, they came back to the new Student Center. The new addition included expanded seating for the cafeteria, a new student lounge with plenty of couches and ping pong tables, and two individual game rooms. Along with the features focusing on the students, the expansion included multiple study rooms and a large conference room.

I believe that the new Student Center is a very good resource for the students. It allows for a place for students to just sit back and relax and talk to friends. The space is perfect to go to in between classes to pass time.

“I love the Student Center and I know a lot of other guys on the team spend a lot of time there talking and playing ping pong,” baseball player Connor Clarke said. On any given day one can walk into the Student Center and see tons of students, from all different activities and sports, socializing and having a good time.

The new Student Center added a much-needed space for students to be social. Even though the school had the fishpond before, this new space added the modern touch that creates a much more inviting space for students. Allen now has a facility that would rival even a larger university’s student center. It allows for a break from the stress of school which is exactly what it should do.

The new area also made getting through the school much easier for students. Before the expansion was complete students that ate breakfast before class would have to walk outside to get to their classes. So regardless what the weather was like he or she knew they had to go outside every day to get to classes. Now that the Student Center is complete it provides a seamless transition from the cafeteria to the center to classes.

The school did a very good job constructing the new Student Center and knowing what would be necessary and wanted by the students. Looking back, I couldn’t see Allen without that Student Center. Since it has been added it has been a social hot spot and provided a stress-free environment for students to unwind from the burdens of school.