Sam and Louie’s Fine All Around


Rachael Kothe

Sam and Louie’s is within walking distance for Allen students and is well worth the trip.

Rachael Kothe, Opinion Editor

Sam and Louie’s Italian Restaurant NY Pizza on North State Street in Iola is a wonderful restaurant. My group of four was quickly seated on a recent visit, and the atmosphere was perfect for a New York style pizza place.

We ordered the family calzone with our favorite toppings: pepperoni, green olives, red onion and green bell pepper. It took what felt like a short ten minutes for our order to come to us. The time breezed by easily with the good company and friendly atmosphere.

As it came out it was huge and flatter than I expected from a calzone but it was great. The sauce was zesty and smooth. The toppings were perfectly placed all around the calzone.

The staff treated us very well, filling our drinks promptly and asking about the quality of the food. It made a great first impression on me and being only a couple of blocks away from Allen Community College, it is safe to say I will be back.