Fall Brings Back The Allen Flame

Alex Simpson, Editor/Sponsor

Fall is here, which begins a new semester at Allen Community College. The Allen Flame also makes its return with continuing student reporters and fresh new faces. Each of these students will produce new articles for The Flame in coming weeks.

The Allen Flame welcomes back Sophomore Jailyn Goforth. She is joined by newcomers: Sophomore Zoie Baker, Freshman Hope Kamanga, and Freshman Sondra Owings-Priest.

Sophomore Jailyn Goforth is a returning Flame member and will be taking up more responsibilities with in The Allen Flame as a co-editor. Goforth is also a member of the Allen cheer team and the Quizbowl team. She has previously written several articles for The Flame, including a satire piece.

Sophomore Zoie Baker is new to The Allen Flame this year. Baker is a history major and someday hopes to become a history professor. While Baker does not have any previous article writing experience, she has been looking forward to being part of the team. In her own words from her staff biography, Baker “hopes to use her writing to continue furthering her investigative background skills and knowledge of communication.”

Hope Kamanga is a technically a Freshman at Allen, though she spent the Spring semester here. Kamanga is part of the Track and Field team, but chooses to be a part of The Allen Flame, as, in her own words, “she hopes to develop her skills on writing and communicating with people.” Kamanga is majoring in nursing and plans to finish her degree at a university so that she can spend her time following her passion for helping people.

Freshman Sondra Owings-Priest is new to Allen, having graduated from Royal Valley High School this past Spring. Like Kamanga, Owings-Priest is a pre-nursing major with hopes of specializing in mental health. While she is new to The Allen Flame, she is not new to writing articles as she was part of her high school newspaper team.

This group of intrepid student reporters is led by continuing Allen Flame Sponsor, Alex Simpson. Simpson has a background in teaching writing and loves helping new students bring out their writing skills. He is not only the adviser of the Allen Flame but also an adviser for the Allen Community College’s new and incoming students.

As the college makes its way through the third week of school, The Allen Flame news team begins its start at reporting and bring its readers captivating news stories, making the Allen Community College’s 2022-2023 school year a great one.