Endowment Scholarships Available to Students


Amanda Logback

Cheerleaders and Allen Firestarters Daryona Chambers, Emma Weseloh, Aldina Rigini, Mikey Bruner, Samantha Nickel, Kyleene Bridges, Taylor Stout, and Chaney Jo Besack attended the Endowment Luncheon in the fall of 2018.

Brianna Brady, Student Activities Editor

Allen Community College offers a variety of opportunities to students leading them down the road to success. Since 1971, when the Endowment Association at the college was formed, it has provided scholarships for numerous students.

Aimee Thompson, the director of development at the college, explains the Endowment scholarship is awarded to students with a 3.0+, enrolled in classes full time, and those who applied online. The process of choosing the students who receive these take time. A committee meets and discusses each scholarship and donor requirements. After students are selected they receive a letter and are invited to a luncheon, typically held at the end of October.

“Student recipients tend to be highly appreciative of this donation,” Thompson said. “They spend time putting together a thank you letter for their donor before they meet them. They also perform 3 hours of community service before March.”

During these luncheons students meet their donor and this is often just the beginning of great friendships. Donors have helped Allen Alumni connect with large universities and programs.

The Endowment Association at Allen has awarded millions of dollars to students. The most recent luncheon raised $50,000.

“We’ve been very fortunate the last 20 years to have such great donors,” said Thompson.

Allen’s campus has visible reminders of its donors with the naming of Horton Hall, Herynk Apartments, and Winter Hall for their benefactors.

This scholarship opportunity helps students and the community and young adults are aided in putting their best foot forward for their career and future endeavors.  

To apply for an Endowment Association scholarship click: https://www.allencc.edu/index.php/admissions/scholarships