Student, Faculty Holiday Plans ‘Normal’

Brogan Falls, News Editor

This is it! Teachers dishing out their final assault of finals and if students prepare accordingly they might live to make it to the holiday break. It happens every year, as soon as these trials of mental stamina are completed students completely forget about their teachers and teachers forget about their students.

That’s a little sudden to just forget the person you have just spent an entire semester with, so the question follows: What do teachers do on holiday break and what do they expect the students to be doing?

Contrary to popular belief, teachers have lives outside of their respective classrooms.

Our family is planning on attending a theatre review at The Quality Hill Playhouse.

— Tony Piazza

Rather than spending her holidays maniacally laughing and slapping F’s on her students’ exams, Dr. Susan McKinnis, English Instructor, prefers to spend time with family.

”I like to spend time with family and clean around the house,” she said. As far as what she think students do over break, she replied, “Whatever they are doing, I hope they are having fun doing it.”

Another instructor looking forward to the holidays is theatre director Tony Piazza. Rather than taking a break from theatre all together, he is planning on incorporating it into his break.

“Our family is planning on attending a theatre review at The Quality Hill Playhouse,” he said. When asked what he thinks the students will be doing, he said jokingly,  “Probably going home and doing laundry; that’s all they ever seem to be doing!”

Students have varied plans for the holiday break, and seem to have thought little about their instructors’ lives outside of school.

Austin Ferguson said, “I am going on vacation to Cancun after I have been saving up since last March.” It is safe to say that Austin’s plans for the holiday extend far beyond the image of the average students’ plan for break, and likewise, he jokingly added,  “Teachers are probably plotting what kind of homework to hit us with as soon as we come back!”

Despite the upcoming break, Jace Reeves has a lot of shopping to do for the holidays.

“I don’t even know what to get my own brother,” he said. After Christmas, Reeves says he hopes to spend some time with his girlfriend … and her dog.

When asked what he believes the instructors are planning to do, Reeves replied,  “ Whatever normal people do on break, because they are normal people!”

All jokes aside, it is nice to take a break from the stress of a long semester. Students and teachers alike are ready for a well deserved period of rest and relaxation. By the sound of things, everyone is ready to take it easy for a change.

While on break, try to remember your instructors and students. Besides, it will be nice to share in their reawakened stress when next semester rolls around!