River Tree Church Accepting Holiday Donations


Bailey Sprague

River Tree Church in Iola, KS is accepting donations for several different organizations this holiday season.

Bailey Sprague, Photo Editor

The Holiday season has begun in Iola, which for some means it is time to start looking for places to volunteer. Whether students need to volunteer for a scholarship or just make themselves feel good, there are a few options available for volunteering in Iola. River Tree Christian Church, located at 301 W Miller Road, is one place students can pitch in for the holidays.

“Our church collects for the food pantry,” Preacher Matt Bycroft said.

A food pantry is a non-profit, charitable organization that distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough food to avoid hunger. Purchasing food can be especially difficult for families during the holidays, so having a food pantry nearby helps those in need.

If you wish to donate any non-perishable items to the food pantry during the holiday season, the people at River Tree Christian Church are always willing to accept donations and will deliver them to the pantry for you.

“Our church also participates in helping the Pregnancy Resource Center at Christmas time,” Preacher Matt Bycroft said.

The Pregnancy Resource Center is a non-profit organization, established to counsel pregnant women. It gives the women aid they might need during their pregnancy so that they are mentally and physically able to carry their baby to term.

“They have a tree where people from the church can take an ornament that has an item or items that the women need as they go through this,” Preacher Matt Bycroft said.

Anyone can bring items for the women to use during their pregnancy such as bottles, diapers, or other baby essentials that might help an expecting mom.

“Many people from the church go out and purchase these items, whatever is needed, and give them to the resource center to give out,” Preacher Matt Bycroft said.

If you wish to donate any of these items to the Pregnancy Resource Center, you can drop them off at River Tree Christian Church, and they will be delivered to the center for you.