Financial Aid Director Ending Long Career


Chandler Crow

Vicki Curry has been the smiling face in financial aid for 27 years. She retires this summer.

Chandler Crow, Flame Staff Writer

Something is to be said about the number of faculty and staff that have been a part of the Allen Community College family for 10, 15 and even 20-plus years. That kind of commitment isn’t seen in very many places but it goes to show how many people at Allen genuinely love being here and helping the students attain their educational goals.

For one faculty member, July 1 will mark her 27th year working at Allen. Vicky Curry, the director of financial aid, will be retiring after her long tenure.

Curry started out as a student at Allen before working here and completing her degree as a non-traditional student. When asked how it has been coming from being a student to having a career at Allen for the past 27 years, she commented, “It has been good to be on the other side of the fence.” Curry said that because of her experiences as a traditional and non-traditional student, she was able to relate to both kind of students and help them make a college education possible.

Looking back at her favorite memories that she will take from her time working at Allen, Curry said, “Some of the things I have enjoyed the most is being able to help people who once thought they would not be able to go to college.”

Curry will now have plenty of time to enjoy retirement and looks forward to spending more time on projects such as antiquing and gardening. Curry also has nine grandchildren with whom she is looking forward to spending more time. The one thing that Curry mentioned she will not be missing is the stress associated with her.

Her 27 years shows the commitment and passion she has for Allen Community College and for helping students. It is people like Curry that make Allen such a supportive community that is dedicated to helping students and genuinely cares about them.