Science Labs Get Upgrades


Carson Crow

Betty Herring and Travis Robb are happy renovations to their biology laboratories are soon to be completed.

Carson Crow, Sports Editor

As construction nears completion in the latest improvements to Allen Community College, biology instructors Travis Robb and Betty Herring are excited and ready to move into their new laboratories for the upcoming spring semester.

Having gone without a lab for the entire fall semester has been challenging for both instructors and students. Herring and Robb said their biggest challenge was a lack of space.

Herring, who primarily teaches principles of biology and human anatomy and physiology, said, “It was difficult to do any real labs or dissections without the proper space and equipment.” She explained that with the new lab there will be room to set up multiple lab stations and more space for lab practicals.

Improvements made in the labs include new tables and workstations, deeper sinks for cleaning dissection trays, and much more storage space. In addition there is also new equipment, primarily in Robb’s lab where he teaches biology and microbiology. He now has new washing machines and a dishwasher for cleaning lab equipment and test tubes. There are also safety upgrades such as a chemical shower and a new fume hood.

In regard to the new equipment, Robb stated, “It should help classes go a lot smoother and help keep the pace of class moving along.”

Both Herring and Robb are excited to move into their labs over winter break, where they anticipate the improvements to the space and overall flow of the labs will help benefit students in classes this spring.