A Night for Students Directors at Allen Community College


Alex Simpson, Editor/Sponsor

For many students in the theatre department, it’s all about the acting and developing their craft. But a handful of students will be taking their shot at sitting the director’s chair. This weekend, Allen Community College’s Theater Department will be presenting its annual Student Directed One Acts. This is event is all about letting students sit in the driver’s spot, building leadership skills and really letting their creativity shine.

So far, the event has four student directors and one Allen faculty member, putting together six different one act plays. These plays range from comedies to dramas and even an original dance piece. However, due to some sensitive and adult subject matter, it’s recommended that no one under the age of 13 attend the production.

The performances debut at 7:30 pm on Thursday night, 2/24/2022, in the ACC Theatre Building and will be offered each night up until Saturday night, 2/26/2022. Admission is free to AllenCC students and faculty, but is also open to the general public.

The Flames own student reporter, Jailynn Goforth will covering the event. Watch for her review next week.