Quiz Bowl Team To Crowley County; Takes Sixth


Photo provided by Jailynn Goforth

Quiz Bowl Team: Left to right: Jailynn Goforth, Aaron Kubacka, Kolten Gates, and Ethan Weiner.

Jailynn Goforth, Student Reporter

At 9:55 am, in Arkansas City, the Allen Quiz Bowl team began the first match of the biggest meet they had ever attended. The team sat in anticipation as the moderator read out the first question. Captain Aaran Kubacka buzzed-in first with a correct answer, and the team received their first three bonus questions of the day. This was the beginning of a 160-40 point sweep for their first match. It was a great way to start the day.

On Saturday, November 13th, the Allen Quiz Bowl team had traveled to their second and biggest meet of the semester, heading bright and early to Arkansas City to compete in the annual Snowball Tournament. Four members competed at the tournament, and were accompanied by their coach Eric Griffith. The team members who attended were freshman Jailynn Goforth, Kolten Gates, and team captain Aaron Kubacka, along with sophomore Ethan Weiner.

When asked about his feelings towards the competition, team captain Kubacka said that he was nervous yet excited but felt that the team was ready to compete Twelve teams competed at the Snowball Tournament. The Allen team placed sixth overall with a 6-2 WL record, starting out the day strong with a four win streak. After lunch they had a close loss to Garden City’s A team, who were the overall winners of the tournament. They then battled for fifth or sixth place in the last match of the day,
and ended with a loss to Coffeyville.

Kubacka put his leadership skills on display at the tournament by not only leading his team in jumping jacks so they could get pumped for the next match, but also answering 31 questions correctly which made him the fifth highest scorer overall, earning him a medal.

“I was cautiously optimistic about getting a medal,” Kubacka said. “Hearing my name called for an honor was validating in a way, especially for being a new club member.”

The team only has five members right now, and all the current members plan on participating next semester when the team competes for a spot at nationals in January. However, the team meets on Mondays at 1 pm, in room A26. So, if you like trivia, why not grab a buzzer and join the Allen Quiz Bowl team!